Domaine Thierry Violot-Guillemard | Vigneron à Pommard en Bourgogne


Great wines can only come from the best grapes. This is why I take such great care in tilling my land. My vineyards have been under organic management since 1999.
As a proud successor of my ancestors’ heritage, I want to keep my terroir healthy so its quality can be appreciated in each of my wines.
The way I make my wine truly reflects my terroir: no yeasting, no reverse osmosis, not too many technical interventions, and not too much wood so as not to alter the taste of the wine.
I love the delicacy and the elegance, the ageing chardonnay, the distinctive pinot and above all, the fun!
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Joannès Faivre (1880-1960) creates the vineyard alongside his distillation occupation.
He marries Léontine Badet (1884-1958), with whom he has Marie-Louise.
Marie-Louise Faivre (1903-1987) first marries Louis Violot who dies prematurely by being crushed by a vat. They have two sons, Roger and Gilbert.
She then marries Jules Guillemard and develops the vineyard with him.
Roger and Gilbert become winemakers!
Gilbert (1926-1986) marries Madeleine (1931-2002) and they have 6 children: Alain, Jean-Luc, Guy-Joel, Thierry, Christophe and Marielle.
Thierry joins the vineyard in 1978 and in 2007 buys the vines that his youngest brother abandoned.
He is currently the only owner in the family of appellations Pommard Platière, Rugiens, Epenots and Derrière Saint-Jean as well as Beaune Clos des Mouches.
Thierry marries Estelle in 1990. Mélie, Joannès and Jules are born into the family.
Could they be the new generation of winemakers we have been waiting for?

Une histoire de famille


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