Domaine Thierry Violot-Guillemard | Vigneron à Pommard en Bourgogne


BEAUNE “En Montagne Saint-Désiré”

BEAUNE “En Montagne Saint-Désiré”

Village Appellation situated at the top of the steepest hill in Beaune.
This plot is planted next to the famous “Clos de Mouches”.
The wine is taut and crisp due to its mineral content yet endowed with a fine richness.
Perfect accompaniment to fish dishes.

  • Cépage : Chardonnay
  • Âge moyen de la vigne : Young, about 12 years
  • Surface : 1.4 acres
  • Vinification :

    No sulphite is used during harvest so the alcoholic fermentation process, which takes place without the addition of yeast, is not tampered with. Just after alcoholic fermentation, the grapes are inoculated with lactic bacteria to begin the malolactic fermentation process.

  • Élevage : SO2 addition at 18cl/hl and maturing in barrels for about 11 months
  • Mise en bouteilles : Estate bottled. Fined (where protein haze is active) and earth filtered. Level of SO2: 25 to 30 mg/l of free SO2 and 70 to 90 mg/l of total SO2